Les Nouveaux Emmanuelle von Tschammer Gaëtan de Chantérac Les Nouveaux relocation mutation déménagment je suis muté mobilité bouger Mobili Pass
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Les Nouveaux Emmanuelle von Tschammer Gaëtan de Chantérac Les Nouveaux relocation mutation déménagment je suis muté mobilité bouger Mobili Pass

Meet the founders of LesNouveaux :

Emmanuelle von Tschammer and Gaëtan de Chanterac. 

We have a strong background in relocation having both worked in this domain for over 10 years and both of us have personally experience relocation  in France and abroad many times.

From your side, our aim is to contribute to the well-being of your employees for the success of your business!



Our project

In response to a changing economy and expectations of new generations, companies must adapt their mobility policy to attract and retain talent.


Our ambition, accompany you to:

  • Facilitate the relocation of your employees

  • Successfully integrate them into a new environment

  • Bring together the best mobility experts to answer all your relocation matters

  • Contribute to your employees’ well-being through their relocation

  • Simplify the work of your HR departments

Our team
  • A supervisor, your single point of contact

  • Consultants throughout France, selected and trained by LesNouveaux for personalized support

  • Recognized partners, HR advisors, multicultural trainers, movers, social and tax lawyers, insurers, banks, personal service companies


Our values:





"I truly believe that if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business"  Charles Branson



Human resources manager,

Operational manager,

Recruiter and head hunter,


Your expectations for mobility management:

  • A trusted, transparent and responsive partner

  • One contact, able to bring together and coordinate experts to accompany you on all relocation matters

  • Tools to attract talent

Our brochure

LesNouveaux, it is also about you, your family, a friend, a colleague, for whom a transfer or a hiring is soon to be announced.

​“Get settled in a neighborhood that suits me and find a place where I feel good


“Choose the appropriate school for my children


“Feel supported and valued by my company

Our solutions

  • Search for accommodation (service eligible for Mobili Pass *)

  • Discovery trip

  • Family support

  • Administrative procedures and commissioning of housing

  • Moving Management

  • Tenancy management

  • Assistance with the drafting of the mobility charter

* Mobili Pass: Grant Action Logement supporting the cost of our housing search service


  • Accompany the mobility of the spouse

  • legal assistance

  • Intercultural training

  • Integration Coaching

  • Bank and insurance

  • Immigration

  • Personal service and concierge service

Our consultants

Selected for their knowledge of your new environment, they also demonstrate manners and kindness by accompanying you in your installation procedures.


Our consultants follow the quality charter written by LesNouveaux


Les Nouveaux Emmanuelle von Tschammer Gaëtan de Chantérac Les Nouveaux relocation mutation déménagment je suis muté mobilité bouger Mobili Pass

If you are a relocation consultant?

If you share the same values as us : empathy, kindness, simplicity and discretion 

If you enjoy welcoming newcomers 

If you have a good knowledge of your sector

 and the desire to be part of our Community LesNouveaux,

Let's get to know each other and improve the well-being of the "Nouveaux" in their company!



Contact us

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14 rue Charles V

75004  Paris, France

Mail :


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Customer satisfaction


Olivier N. 

Fearlessly efficient, rich in advice, very attentive; the investigative and field work has enabled me to find something far beyond all expectations. Congratulations and thank you again for this outstanding support!



Baptiste G.

The accompaniment is just superb and everything is managed for us. No stress to have all our questions answered quickly. We can devote our time to something else.



Charlotte M.

Thank you to you and your consultant for supporting me in this process, this service has been a real relief for me.

I will go even further... you have helped to make my installation easier, taking away a lot of stress, and it is perhaps by being reassured on this side that I was able to experience my mobility in complete serenity.


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